How To Create And Add Custom Stickers On Telegram


How To Create And Add Custom Stickers On Telegram: Let me know what you like best about sticker packs for telegram so I can make my memes more enjoyable to chat with girls. Keep chatting up. Telegram is a great app with a number of features that are it’s own. Customize Telegram’s Stickers with One of Them Eyes Capability. In this article, I’m going to describe to you each and every step of the procedure you’ll have to take to create your own personal jokes with stickers. Let’s start.

Telegram has developed in the past. It was once a bit less in terms of features compared to others. However, today Telegram is superior to the other messengers that are more well-known, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. Personally, I use it due to its versatility and smooth feel.

how to add custom stickers to telegram

Simple Process of the Custom Sticker for telegram application

You can utilize stickers similar to Telegram on FB Messenger also, however, not as good. With Telegram, you can create and share your personal custom stickers with acquaintances to make your conversations more meaningful. It’s not natural to wait long to see Your Stickers Be Accepted. I’d suggest using a desktop to do this via the Telegram web. You can also do this on your phone as well by following the steps listed below.

Step 1. Designing Customized Stickers

They are a way to express your emotions. And your feelings can take any form. You don’t have to be a graphic artist or some such thing to create cute and funny stickers for your buddies. It’s all that matters is that it is relevant and has a purpose to it.


Also, you do not have to buy photo editing software such as Photoshop.. I’d suggest using Microsoft Paint or Gimp which are both free so that you’ll save some money. For phones, PicsArt will be the best choice. They can be used to create customized Telegram stickers.

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make your own custom stickers free

Learn the following before completing the stickers.

  • Each of the stickers in the pack must be transparent in PNG (.png) format.
  • The dimension of the individual sticker should be 512×512 pixels.
  • Your personalized Telegram stickers should not violate any copyright rights such as using the company’s logo as an exclusive symbol. In this case your stickers could be taken down by Telegram administration. However, it’s not as strict.
  • There’s also an option to create an image to the sticker package. It will require a PNG-format 100×100 transparent image for this.

You are able to create the number of stickers you’d like to include within your collection. Additionally, you are able to add more stickers after the publication of the pack.

Step 2. Telegram Stickers Bot

After you have made the stickers you want, go to the Telegram Stickers Bot.

 Telegram Stickers Bot

This chat will open for a while. It is possible to use the commands provided for doing things that are similar to them.

Step 3. Submit Stickers

Then, start the chat by clicking on”Start” or the “Start” option at the end of the screen. The next options will appear.

add Custom designed stickers bot Telegram
  • Then type /new pack and then send it.
  • It will ask you to enter the number for your packing list. Type in your pack’s name and the pack name and.
  • It will then require you to mail the custom sticker you would like to add choose it from the file and then send it.

Note: Choose stickers to be Files rather than Image or else it will deny the submission sticker.

  • Then, send an emoji that is related to the sticker that you have sent. It is possible to connect up to 2 emojis for each sticker.
add Custom designed stickers bot Telegram

Repeat this procedure for each sticker you wish to add to the sticker package.

Use the command /publish, and now, should you want to upload an image for your sticker pack. If not, type the command with /skip, then continue.

Give a Slug (name to be used in URL) for your sticker pack.

add Custom designed stickers bot Telegram

Step 4. Share and Use Your Stickers

As they say, Kaboom! Your personal Telegram stickers are now available via Telegram messenger. My creation with you is Memory. Send it to your friends and begin making use of them perfectly.

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Telegram doesn’t have a sticker store or anything like such. You must manually spread and promote your stickers to Telegrammers across the globe. They can be shared with various groups and websites associated with Telegram.

We can also be reached to promote them. If you think your stickers are able to be promoted we’ll guide you on the best way to promote the item on our website.

A final one to stick…

In contrast to other messaging apps, Telegram provides a variety of options, including customized Telegram stickers to make the experience more enjoyable for users.

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